Feb 2, 2015

Top 10 Android Apps You Should Have Installed

Today i will be guiding you all judiciously unto knowing the right and must have Apps to install to your new/existing Android phone to further enjoy the amazing features and capabilities parked inside those little monsters.

With the millions of Apps available for download at Play Store, the word choice has never being so easy to overcome, by many. And now, it doesn't only apply on what phone to buy. But also, what App to download & install?

Most of the apps i will be listing here are free top rated Apps in their given categories (areas of functions) so you don't need to start thinking of how to download paid apps for free or sticking out your wallet in search of $0.99. It may interest you to also know i already made a similar post on this before.

List Of Must Have Apps For Your Android

With prey be rest assured all you need worry about is keeping your Gps ON, and phone front camera in good condition. In case of theft prey will provide you pictures of the thief and location of your phone at any given time just by sending a trigger text to it or... You can also lock your phone using another password entirely over the air. From prey dashboard without actually hitting a button on your stolen/lost phone. A feature it also boosts of is ability to hide it from apps draw. So the thief doesnt know your phone has it installed.

==>Droid wall:
As promised in several of my posts, this is an App that enables you keep your Android/mobile data ON for weeks without losing a single kilobyte (KBs). Although, root access is required to run.

==>Es File Explorer:
A wonderful App you can use for accessing and unzipping zip files plus other file extensions on Android, Manage your files and above all it also supports file transfer over wifi.

Although i use NoteBook app on my device, i strongly recommend Evernote to you, For taking quick notes on your phone. Because it comes with a feature, that automatically saves your notes in the cloud so you can easily access then on other devices where ever, when ever you want it.

This app is wonderful. With greenify, you can efficiently, & conveniently hibernate/stop certain apps from running, to manage your low Ram and improve phone speed. A must have App for every phone with 512MB, 1GB Ram.

==>Mx Player:
If you would love to watch videos in various formats; avi, 3gp on your Android, this for you. And If you ask me, I'll say MX player is vlc media player for Android.

==>Microsoft Office Mobile:
By far ths best document viewer for your Android phone. And provides an amazing interface for reading your PDF, excel, word, PowerPoint files.

==>Smart App Lock:
To me its security 1st, then every other thing follows. Smart app lock gives room to enable you create multiple passwords, fake lock screens for various apps on your phone to prevent intruders from gaining access to certain areas on your phone.

The greatest mobile TV app ever. Brings live streaming, of premier league matches, Aljazeera, BBC, CNN etc to your little monstar.

As Nigerians, we have to think like Nigerians. With whoscall, you can put an end to the dozens of unwanted calls & sms, sent by different telecommunication companies + that from sms short codes.

Wondering why there was nothing like Dr Web antivirus, CM security (Antivirus) on the list? This is because, as a myth(not really a myth since its true) that has been going on, that Android as an operating system, doesn't get infected by virus. I stand to satisfy that claim.

This So called antivirus Apps comes with other features like tracking, instant wipe, not just antivirus. And barely pops up when performing functions that wouldn't have been possible without root access like installing/using apps that can tamper with the root directory. And not necessarily viruses.

What are your views on this App list, and the ability for Android to resist virus?

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  1. Using Kaspersky protection for a few years, and I'd recommend this anti virus to all of you.