Mar 18, 2015

How To Successfully Root Your Innjoo ONE 3G HD Android Phone

Lately, I noticed a lot of people are facing some difficulty trying to root the new surprise from innjoo (Innjoo ONE 3G HD) device sold strictly by Jumia. While I have successfully rooted one for a friend over here without much stress.

I will quickly guide you all on how I rooted it including the app used. So you too can get yours rooted asap! And enjoy all the goodies of getting root access.
innjoo one 3g rooting

How To Quickly Root Your Innjoo ONE?
Same method we used in rooting infinix hot x507. But for innjoo one, you need a PC with internet connection. So it will be preferable you get it done at a cyber cafe if you don't have that in place.
==>Download and install iRoot.exe to your PC.
==>Install PdaNet on your PC from Here (this should help your pc install your phone drivers)

==>Now Enable USB Debugging on your Innjoo one. To do this, Goto
Settings => Developer options = > Tick USB Debugging.
==>Connect your phone with a USB cable. And allow to install drivers.

==>After driver installation, you should get a success message. Once you do, exit pdanet from system tray and proceed to the next step.
==>Connect your PC to the internet. Be it by modem OR hotspot from another device. And launch iRoot/vRoot.

==>Once iRoot detects your Innjoo one, Hit Root button and allow to do the magic. Kindly grant any thing grant able while its being rooted.

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Your phone may reboot upto 5 times. Just leave it. When the rooting process is complete, you should get a success message.

Rooting is not difficult. The problem is only knowing which rooting app, method works for your phone. My next post will be putting the ball by your court.

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  1. thanks man... it worked for me

    1. Uwc bro! Glad to be of help. Enjoy your phone dear.

  2. I am unable to locate Developer options = > Tick USB Debugging under setting on my InnJoo one 3G running on Android 4.4.2 KitKat. Can you Help?

    1. If you can't access the Developer option of your device from settings, just click on "About Phone", then keep tapping on "Build Number" Until you get a message like "You are now a developer"

      Once you get that, go back to phone settings and the Developer option will be right there staring at you.

    2. Thank you. The Guideline given was helpful and i was able to successfully root my ONE 3G HD. However after upgrading the operating system to 5.1 Lollipop, the phone was unrooted. I have tried to root it using the same procedure and same tools but it is indicating that rooting is unsuccessful. where could I be going wrong with this 5.1 system?

    3. You are not getting anything wrong my friend.

      To re-root your Innjoo 3G HD upgraded to Android lollipop 5.1 you need the latest version of Kingroot to do the magic.

      Follow the instructions given HERE

  3. For my Innjoo One i use only search4roots rooting tool. Because it's safe and easy to use.

  4. hi hope you can help me i did a factory reset on my innjoo one now i cant activate my home wifi on it.