Jul 22, 2015

Update: Get & Enjoy MTN Free 2go 3GB Goodybag Bundle On Android & Pc

This tweak is back and better. You can use SMS bomber to get times two the expected data (6gb). Download SMS bomber Here

Dear friends! This time, I think i'll really have to apologize to the windows phone, iPhone, java, and symbian phone users here for having neglected them and continuously posting more on Android cheats & tricks.

The thing is your time will soon come. But while you wait, you can still flex some of the MBs allocated to Android imei tweakers on your own device by simple getting them on an Android, after which you can then insert the sim in your respective devices(iPhone, windows phone etc).

Now today's business! I wouldn't be saying much. Since you all must have known how to tweak/change Android imei. So today's own is the imei to give you the whooping MTN Goodybag 3gb bundle or should I say 2go GB ( 60mb + 2929mb approx 3GB) lols.


How To Get The 2GO Free 3gb
==>1. Tweak this Imei 86498101284 to do this, follow the instructions Here. After tweaking Text Lyte to 131 to get your 3gb. To check it, dial *559*6#

How To Use It On Android
This MB was meant for 2go app only. So to make it work on all your apps on Android, Open your Simple server and set

  • Inject host: wap.2go.im/s/ZZbedHGaCaCejU7Ge/
  • Inject query/url: http://wap.2go.im/s/ZZbedHGaCaCejU7Ge/
  • IP: 
  • Port: 8080.
For Laptops/PC Users
==>1. Set your modem to
  • IP:
  • Port: 8080
==>2. Open your pc simple server Config file and set
  • VALHDR0 = 'wap.2go.im/s/ZZbedHGaCaCejU7Ge/'
  • IQUERY = 'http://wap.2go.im/s/ZZbedHGaCaCejU7Ge/'
==>3. Now open your browser preferably Firefox. Goto network setting and set proxy and port as given above. Save and ride on till mama calls
==>It can be accumulated on a single sim
==>You receive 60mb + extra 3gb.
==>It lasts for 6months if not exhausted.

Confused? Don't be kindly use the comment box to table your problems!

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  1. waw...its working perfectly

  2. Tnx was allocated 60mb and 2929mb ....but the configuration is not working with simple server on phone and on PC

    1. Sorry for the replying late.

      It should work. If you have being using MTN bis on your phone before, then all you need do is change anything blackberry in your simple svr settings to www.2go.im.

      Goto your phone and change imei and port to what's given above.

      But without any of the above, operamini should be working fine.

  3. Thats d reply he gave me "Dear customer, you are eligible for only one offer. Thank you." What does it means

    1. It means you've either gotten the mb on that particular sim or the imei you tweaked has been used.

      You just have to keep tweaking different imei or try another sim.

  4. How do i power it with all the app on my pc?

    1. For simple server to power all apps on PC you need to goto connections on your pc. And Add VPN. Follow the instructions HERE to set it up.

  5. I have a samsung phone and can't change my IMEI. If I put my sim in a phone with a tweaked IMEI and get the 3gb 2gomb, can I use it with SAS on my Samsung (even though the imei is not tweaked)