Jul 23, 2015

Girls and Candy crush Game! - What's Your take?

Has a girl ever requested to see youapplicationsly to return it minutes later as if the Ebola virus is on it just because she couldn't locate Candy crush amongst your list of installed Application???

If you haven't downloaded Candy Crush, get it Here for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, and Blackberry. So you don't fall her hands when one eventually does lols.
Candy Crush
I've encountered that for quite a number of times that I couldn't help but install the boring app to my phone.

If am not wrong, some stages of the game are locked and requires coins or a little invites/advert to unlock if you don't have cash. So If you haven't, then you must have gotten one of this invites from a lady friend on Facebook to play candy crush game.

Have you gotten an invite to play on Facebook? Or has a girl ever asked you to install it for her? Is the game good, kul, sweet, interesting or boring? What's your take about this game?

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