May 3, 2015

MTN Free 150MB! Hurry And Get Yours Before It Stops - No Tweaking Of Imei

This is the easiest to get free mb ever from MTN. And though quite small (150mb) is worth the little time invested. No tweaking of imei required - just text! So the non Android users (windows phone, nokia etc) in the house can also benefit from it.
How Do I Get The 150mb?
==>With whatever type of phone you are using, just Text App to 131.
==>A success message will pop up immediately.

How To Check It?
To check it, send CHKBAL to 131

How To Make The 150mb Work On Android, PC & Symbian
Took a closer look on this free mb yesterday after getting series of complaints that they can't use it to browse. And realised the mb was meant for app downloads from nextapp.MTN only. So to be able to use it to browse;

For Android
==>Download Simple server for Android Here
==>After downloading open and change the Injection Query & the Injection host to
==>Goto your Android settings and set
  • IP:
  • Port: 8080
For Laptop/PC 
==>Download Simple server for PC Here
==>Change your Injection Query and Injection host to
==>Launch SS
==>Goto Firefox and set
  • IP:
  • Port: 8080
That's all. Did you get yours?

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