Jul 1, 2015

Current Working MTN Imei For Free 750mb, 250mb July 2015

Good day buddies! The way I see it, it seems the MTN free 3gb imei has been blocked and that of 2015mb toughened making it hard for you guys to browse free on both laptop and PC.

So this July, I bring to you the current working imei for 750mb, and 250mb. Just tweak and get your data.

Working Imei?

For 750mb tweak this imei 352373052216038 and send Samsung to 131. To check it dial *131*4#

For 250mb tweak this mei: 356181043432960 and send mifi to 131. To check it, send 2 to 131.

See: Set Up For MTN Free Browsing With N0.0 On All Apps June 2015

To make it easier, you can just change the last 2 numbers and tweak if it doesn't work, extend to last 3 number and so on. E.g

Here is the imei I gave for 250mb 356181043432960. Now if you are to tweak, try
356181043432952 etc

Both free mb lasts for 30days (approx 1 month) and cannot be accumulated. If you don't know how to tweak read this post. For questions pls use the comment box.

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