Aug 22, 2015

Finally! Download Xender For Windows Phone & Share Files At Incredible Speed

Haven't heard? Now you do. Xender (wildly known as Flash share) one of the fastest, smartest file sharing App on Android after speed beam is finally available for downloads at windows store for Lumia or windows phone users.

The app which already got over 245 reviews in few days from those who've downloaded it, has the ability to send and receive files at incredible speed through WiFi, so you don't have to wait endlessly sharing with Bluetooth.

Here Are Features, Things You Can Do With Your Xenda For Windows

==>Send anything you want, from pictures, videos, documents, music, games and Apps.

==>Transfer and share files between Android devices, ISO or PC/MAC.

==>Transfers files faster than when using data cables, Bluetooth and other slow apps.

==>Supports group file sharing upto four (4) devices at once.

==>No internet connection needed.

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Where To Download?

==>1. For windows (.xap or .APPX) Get it Here

==>2. For Android Users Who still don't have it installed, you can get it Here

==>3. iOS/iPhone Users get xender for iPhone Here

==>4. Then finally Blackberry user (10 only) get yours Here.

How To Use?

==>1. Open App after a successful download and installation.
==>2. Get a second device with which you want to receive or send files to (xender or flash share must be installed on it too).

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==>3. Now open xender on second device and click on Connect on both phones.

==>4. Choose Create Connection in one of the devices, and Join on the other. It should connect.

==>5. Finally locate the file, game, document etc you wish to share within the app, click on it and hit send
==>6. That's all. Sending should be through in few seconds, depending on the size of the file being sent.

With all this interesting features, its really sad why it only got to window phones now. Since it has been available on other platforms like Android, iOS, Mac and PC for a very long time now.

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