Oct 28, 2015

Google Adsense Ads Appears Blank On Opera Mini? Fix It Here

Since google adsense started showing ads on all mobile browsers including opera mini ending of last year (Dec 2014), many have been having problems getting their adsense ads to appear over the folds on opera mini after properly applying the ads code through widgets or under post title through blogger templates. Instead, the space for the ads will be left blank.
Adsense ads on opera mini
I suffered a lot from this myself. The ads under my post title wont show up. And since ads under post title usually perform better than others in terms of clicks and CPC, it affected my earnings badly as only users with PC or high end mobile devices with browsers like chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc can view them. 

See: 5 Steps To Insert AdSense Ads Any Where Inside Blogger Posts

A friend even presumed it was because that particular ads is the first ads on my template. To minimize the loss, i had to implement the link ads (link ads appears in all platform without any problem). If you look above, under my post title you will notice i placed the link ads below that of 350x250 graphic ads. That's because the 350x250 use to be blank and refuses to show up when viewed on mobile or opera mini browsers. But now, after implementing the simple trick am about to show you it now appears in full without any problem on all platform.

How To Fix & Make Adsense Ads Appear Above The Fold On Mobile

==>1. Log on to your Adsense Account dashboard
==>2. Go to My ads tab 
==>3. Click on +New Ad Unit and fill the necessary forms. Or Edit and existing ad by clicking on get code. 
==>4. When the window to get code pops up, select Synchronous Code Type instead of the usual Asynchronous that allows your pages to load faster. See screenshot
==>5. Apply code to your blog sidebar using your normal widget method from blogger layout. If you want to apply uder post title or under post through blogger template, be sure to Parse the code.

==>This works for all ad sizes but doesn't work on responsive ad units
==>Use this only on ads that refuse to show up on opera mini. Because using it on all your may slow down your blog load time.
==>Have tried this on blogger blog only. Really don't know if it will work on WordPress. But since its all about codes, i trust it will.

Thats all. This will go a long way to increase your earning.

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  1. Bro good work here i was actually looking for a way to solve this problem and i came here tru google but the truth is that am not disappointed because i have learned how to fix the problem but fear is that i don't like anything slowing down my website but i will still try it now.

    once again good job

    1. Its just one adblock bro! The effect wont be noticed.

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.