Oct 3, 2015

How To Repair/Change IMEI Of Android Phones With Chamelephon

A lot may lead you to want to repair or change your Android phone IMEI.

It maybe as a result of a null, invalid imei message you get on your screen when you try checking your phone imei which could cause you not being able to make phone calls amidst others. Or it could be for you to be able to use Glo bis on your Android phone, get free megabytes allocated to newly launched phones on your device without having to buy them (what we call tweaking).

Chamelephon is one of the easiest apps used for repairing, changing imei on Android phones especially the MTK types without a computer. Others include Mobile Uncle, MTK Engineering etc.
Chamelephon works perfectly in changing the imei of Infinix hot 2, tecno H6, obi, and all other MTK phones.
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How To Repair/Change Your Imei With Chamelephon

==>1. First your phone must be properly rooted because chamelephon needs root access to be able to alter your imei.

==>2. Download and install Chamelephon from Play Store or get the apk from Google search.

==>3. If you mean to change your imei instead of repair, dial *#06# to copy out your original imei for safe keeping.

chamelephon ui
Chamelephon UI
==>4. Open the installed Chamelephon and an interface like the one above will be shown. Click on Authorize if asked for root access as seen below
Authorize chamelephon root access
  • Note: To alter imei with chamelephon, you must have to provide two valid imei for both spaces provided. Meaning to change imei of sim one, you must change that of sim 2 as well.
==>5. Click on Generate random IMEIs and select Apply New IMEIs. Or if you have your own imei, you can paste them in the spaces provided and hit same Apply button. Then confirm the change.

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confirm imei change
imei change success message
 ==>6. Finally, reboot your phone as required or simple turn ON and OFF your Airplane/Flight Mode for the imei to take effect.
new imei
New Imei
That's all you have now successfully changed your imei using Chamelephon. Dial *#06# to check it. You can use the comment box for any question you may have. Enjoy!

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  1. it did not work on my agua rio lite jellybean (rooted) s4700
    kindly email your reply

  2. thanks very much . it is very useful for me.

  3. My phone saying invalid imei pls fix my problem

    1. Don't panic my friend. All you have to do is reinstall the imei that came with it.

      By this I mean if you still have the imei that came with your phone, (you can get it at the back after removing the battery) then use the app to install the imei. The invalid imei thing should stop

  4. is it ok to uninstall chamelephon after repairing imei??

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Does it works on Samsung Note 3 neo ..it's no mediatek processor

  7. Can police trace the phone if imei is changed

  8. is it ok to unroot after changing imei?

  9. Please may i know how the tweaking is and how to do it

  10. I tried it in my Kult mobile when I rooted and installed resurrection remix os (as a result of which my IMEs were lost ). But this shows only one ime combined with alphabhets. So I am unable to make calls even though all others are working very fine with wi-fi. How to solve?