Oct 11, 2015

You Can miss anything But not Konga Mega Monday Madness

It will be a great crime on my path if I fail to inform you guys about this Konga Mega Monday madness promo. See homepage items here.
Konga mega Monday madness banner
And like I said in the post title, you can miss anything (your girl friend, honey moon etc) but certainly can't stand to miss out in the Konga Monday madness which offers you upto 80% discount on most products at Konga: Phones, Laptops, TV, fashion, electronics, baby clothing, cosmetics etc.

If you eyes for any of the above items on konga website, the date is October 12 which is tomorrow Monday. Its meant to last for 4hours from 10am to 2pm. And just like Jumia mobile week, it is based on "fastest finger". Meaning a deal will show-up on the Konga Store for a limited time or while stocks last and the fasted shoppers to complete there order buys the product.

Konga Monday Madness What To Expect

==>Expect a laptop, phone to get up to 60% discount. That is a laptop of #70,000 maybe going for just #28,000

==>Since its based on fasted finger, expect more than enough competition. Make sure you have a very fast internet connection and your time is updated with online time.

==>The products konga is currently pushing like craze, is blackberry Q10 and Sony Play Station 4 console. So if you have eye for it, expect upto 80% off.

Will keep you guys posted. Have highlighted a laptop of choice. And if things turn out well, we're all go home happy. Click here for more info.

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