Nov 14, 2015

Glo 1GB Data Now 1.2GB For N1000 - Here Is The Code!

Gradually, the prophesy of unlimited internet browsing for N100 is coming to a reality. As Data bundle plans are becoming cheaper by the day. I can remember the days when without cheats, one is left with no other option but to buy 200MB for a thousand naira or more. But now, most of the networks now have a data bundle plan of 1GB for N1000. Which Glo NG has successfully created another base by upgraded theirs to 1.2GB for N1,000.
glo cheapest data budles
The battle is on and only the fittest shall survive.Without forgetting about the Airtel 1GB for N100, am waiting for another network to try and challenge this by introducing another considerable plan. 

How To Subscribe?
Recharge your Glo line with N1000, Dial the code *777# and follow the on screen instruction to subscribe to the 1.2gb. Its that easy

The plan works perfectly o all devices. Laptops and phones especially those using iPhone/iPad, Windows phones that cant use tweaks like Android. So this will serve as the best alternative data for ios users and windows phones users. Enjoy.

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  1. Replies
    1. You are right bro. Just that this one will be most preferable for the those who cant tweak their imei for glo 3gb for 1k bb sub. Especially those without Android that is iphone and the rest.