Nov 3, 2015

Updated Etisalat Unlimited Browsing With Open VPN - November 2015

Hello friends! Its been a while since I last posted cheats here and that's because of the scarcity of working cheats and tweaks. You will agree with me that imei tweaking is currently a thing of the past since MTN blocked the mifi to 131 for 3gb and Airtel placed some strings in their smart offers. So we are currently left with Etisalat.

open vpn activated with etisalat

Before i proceed, this unlimited browsing cheat with open vpn is not free but cheap. And its not a new cheat. I've written about it here before and had to revisit it after a reader hear complained about it to me on Whatsapp. And because its unlimited, blazing hot and most of you think it has been blocked. I want to dive into it again and explain better about it as well.

Recommended Etisalat Smartpak Plans For This Cheat
==>1. *200*3*3*1*2*1# costs N150 and valid for 7days (Average speed, and good for browsing)

==>2. *200*3*3*2*2*1# costs N300 and valid for 7days (High speed. Very good for downloading and streaming)

==>3. *200*3*3*1*2*1# costs N500 and valid for 30 days approx 1 month (Average speed, but good for browsing)

NOTE: You can choose any one of the above plans that suites your pocket. If you are on a particular plan before, Deactivate it, before you dial any of the above codes with *343*5*0#

How To Setup With OpenVPN
==>1. Download OpenVPN connect here if you don't have it installed on your Android already

==>2. Download this one and only current working OpenVPN server Profile Settings here by Fetty to your memory card.

==>3. Now open the OpenVPN Connect you installed on your phone, click on Options or Menu, and you will see Import. Click on it to Import the Profile from SD card

==>4. Locate the OpenServerUploadBy_fetty.ovpn that you downloaded to SDcard and Select it. 

OpenVPN Working Connection Details
This is the current working username and password for OpenVPN. If this stops working, go to the open VPN free accounts website to get new user name and password.

==>Username: vpnbook
==>Password: ChakU3ub

open vpn connected with etisalat smarpak

After you inserting the username and password, click on Save, to save changes and then tap the Connect button. Once connected, just tap your home button to minimize and start browsing and downloading unlimitedly!

For updates, you can subscribe by submitting your email here. After submission, you are only required to verify your email address by clicking on the verify button in the mail that will be sent to your box. 2 minute and you're done.

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  1. Replies
    1. I really havent tried it out to see if it will work for torrents. But i strongly believe it should but might turn up slow. So feel free to try it out on your end.

  2. Can anyone teach me how to do this vpn I have try my best but not working
    Please add me on my WhatsApp 08035540566

  3. What problem are you having with it?

  4. Please my question is on imei tweaking for glo 1k for 3gb
    I changed my imei number to a new one n i got my phone rooted as well
    When i dialed *#06# it showed me the same imei number i just changed to although it was the same imie number for my sim1 and2 does it mean i can now change my APN and start enjoying the glo 1k for 3gb?

    1. I already answered your question at the original thread HERE