Mar 19, 2016

Why Your Payoneer MasterCard Has Not Been Delivered With Solutions

Did you apply for Payoneer MasterCard using the free shipping method and it has not been delivered to you even after the stipulated period of delivery given to you by Payoneer? Here is the mistake you are doing and how to go about it.

In case you don't already know, Payoneer is am online company accessible to all (Nigerians inclusive) with which you can make and receive payments online that you can easily withdraw from any ATM machine with mastercard logo using Payoneer MasterCard that will be sent to you after registering for a Payoneer account.
payoneer dollar mastercard

Usually, after sending the card to an address provided by you during registration, Payoneer will send you an email containing a stipulated period for your card's arrival. Assuming you applied on the 1st of January, expect it from 20th to 28th January (that's 20 to 28 days). However, due to some hitch's here and there, and also as a result of bad mailing system in your country, you might end up waiting for more than the said period. Sometimes up to 6+ weeks.

So in the case whereby, you have waited for long, and still your card hasn't been delivered to you, below are the possible causes and how to deal with them.

Why Your Card Wasn't Delivered?

==>1. Bad mailing system in your country
==>2. Bad/wrong address format during registration same as wrong zip/postal code. Get correct postal codes here.

==>3. Its most likely that your card arrived but you couldn't be reached. Probably because you wasn't at home and there was nobody to hand the card over to keep for you. Because on free shipping, your mobile number is not disclosed. So don't expect the post man to call your line.

==>4. Your card might still be on the way. It might have been delayed for one or two reasons.

What To Do To Get Your Card Delivered?

==>1. Sadly, the parcel containing your Payoneer card on free shipping is not registered. Thereby making it impossible to track. So be patient and wait a little longer as at times, it takes 6 weeks and above (up to 2 months). However, if after waiting, you still don't get it;

==>2. Goto the post office nearest to the address you provided as alternate shipping  address on Payoneer and inquire.

==>3. Payoneer gives 3 free card slots. So in the case where your card didn't get delivered, just login to your account and order for another card. However if you still don't get it, go to the next option.

==>4. You have to do it right. Contact Payoneer customer service by mail or reach them faster via live chat (they are very friendly and good at their job). Tell them about your card and that you want to request for another one. But this time need to use the P.O Box method of delivery instead of the normal home address/postal code method.

Keep your documents close. You'll be asked for things like your National ID number, phone number attached to your Payoneer account, or your Drivers License number (if those where the documents you used when you first applied). Get the point? If you used your travel passport as identification document, keep it close...

TIP: You don't have to own a P.O Box. I used my father's P.O Box to receive my package. Find someone to give you their P.O Box number, the city where it is located, and the country. Those are the three things they are most likely going to ask you to provide.

Use your personal details (name, etc) as the recipient of the package. And remember, the P.O Box method is better because, you may have the components of the home address method correctly, but end up arranging them wrongly (wrong address format) and never getting your card delivered to you.

==>5. Lastly, if all free options has been exhausted, you have no choice but to go for expedite shipping through DHL. This will cost a total of $50 which must be available in your account. And will take approx 4 to 7 days to arrive your doorstep where you will then receive a call from DHL to collect it (you might need a form of identification before they hand you the parcel).

Note: There are plenty of ways to load your payoneer account in other to have sufficient balance for the expedite shipping. This include paying another Payoneer in naira to transfer an agreed amount in dollars to your Payoneer, Payoneer online exchangers that deal in Payoneer dollars or by working for some of Payoneer partners like, fiverr, revenuehit and get paid to your Payoneer. You can also choose to go for Payoneer referral program that pays $25. See below a screenshot of tge $25 i made after referring a friend to the prigram. 
Payoneer affiliate program free $25

With all this in place, you might never worry on asking when your Payoneer card will be delivered. As it will arrive even before you know it. If you like this post, dont be selfish. Click on the share buttons bellow to share on facebook, twitter and google+. Your friends might be passing through the same problem.

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  1. The post has solved a lot of problems about Payoneer issues.
    Thanks so much.

    1. You are very much welcome my friend. Glad to be of help