May 23, 2016

Codes/Steps To Borrow Airtime Credits on MTN, Glo Airtel & Etisalat Nigeria

Today's guide will be on how to borrow airtime credit on various telecommunication networks in Nigeria. Namely MTN, Glo, Airtel and Etisalat. 
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Chances are, that you have been in a very tough situation whereby you are completely stranded in a remote location and destperatly in need of help but lack sufficiant airtime credit to be able to relay you predicament over the phone to a friend on the other side (maybe some one from home). It happened to me while going for driving training. We ran out of petrol in a locked out area and there was no means of reaching home...

Or maybe you have a call to make but feeling reluctant to go out to get airtime. Our telecommunications have made it easy in such a way that in such situations, you can easily borrow and payback later when in the best position to do so. However, little strings are usually attached which include 10% charge. So to borrow credit, follow the instructions given below for any network of choice.
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How To Borrow Airtime/credit From Glo Network

 Glo introduced a life saver as I termed it to be, As you can now borrow airtime whenever you run out of airtime in whichever location you are. To simply use the Borrowing Credit service from Glo Network having that your SIM is inserted on your mobile device, you should dial this code *321# and a pop up will come out, then select 2 (Borrow Now) after that, choose the amount and you are good to go. The option for amount displayed determines how you do recharge, so if you are the type that do recharge higher, so will higher amount be presented for you to borrow from (vice versa). That's how it works.

 Note: 10% of your airtime will be deducted for service charge.
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How To Borrow Airtime From MTN Network

MTN knows the mind of their subscribers, they knew that someday one or two persons would fallen in a situation where borrowing airtime will be the only option left at that particular moment. Then they strategize in introducing this one time service. The service that allows customers to borrow airtime when in need of it.
To use this service, just dial *606#, a pop up showing many categories will show up, just select 2, then select the choice of airtime/credit needed at that particular moment.

Note: MTN charges 5% out of the airtime you borrowed for the service rendered.
Airtel logo

How To Borrow Airtime/Credit From Airtel Network

Very simply to do, so for all users of  airtel network, behold, here comes how to borrow credits from them. Just get your sim inserted on your phone, then dial this code in this format *500*amount# 
for example *500*100#.

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Etisalat Nigeria

Codes/Steps To Borrow Credit On Etisalat

•First Dial *665*3# or text STATUS to 665 this is to know if your SIM is eligible for the service (EasyCredit)

•If the SIM is eligible then, dial *665*Amount# or go by sending text message, which works by sending the amount you want to 665.
See example: *665*100# to borrow N100

Note: Etisalat service fee rendered for the service is 10%, Applies to all customers.

That's all you need to borrow airtime on Glo, MTN, Airtel and Etisalat respectively. So whenever you are left stranded or short of airtime, do not hesitate to use them to bail the situation.

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