Jun 29, 2016

How To Run Different Instances Of One Application On Your Android

In the world today, most people use more than one phones, tablets or even laptops for so many reasons. Amongst which include to be able to run same app on both devices. By same app, I mean for example those with two twitter accounts, will now install and operate their account from two separate gadgets since you are not allowed to run one app on two instances on one device. 

However, their is a trick for that. So if you want to run two facebook, two twitter or two instagram app on you android device, that is “multiple instance of one app on your android”, Don’t be amazed, we have make researches on this and found out that it’s very much possible.. You will find the guide to help you do this below.
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Firstly, Download Apk file of the given app you wish to run to your android phone. You can do this by googling the "name of app space apk" e.g say we want to run multiple instance of whatsapp, my search will be "whatsapp apk".(you can as well goto appsapk.com). 

Secondly, Download Apk Editor and Apk Editor Patch on your Android

Now, Guides To Run Multiple Instance Of One App On Your Android 
These Guide is for Instagram, Facebok messenger, Tomcat Viber And Many More
ð     After downloading Apk, Apk Editor And Apk Editor Patch, Install it on your device
ð     Open the Apk editor app
ð     When installing, It will ask you to replace previous installed app, Just grant access to it
ð      Now open Apk editor File Manager app and locate the apk you transferred to your device in the previous step. Long press the apk and from the pop up Select “Clone”. Press Ok.
ð     Change the name of the Apk to whatever you wish and press OK
ð     open your regular File manager app and locate the cloned app.
ð      Install it as you install any other app.
Yes, We are done with the guides, You can now install and run same app twice on your android phone as seen in the screenshot below.
Two Instagram installed

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