Jun 28, 2016

The New Major Features Of Whatsapp, Coming Soon!

Wow!!! This lovely, whatsapp is getting more interesting. The new feature is coming soon and you will enjoy it… According to German publication Macerkopf, some new features was spotted in whatsapp for IOS, The features are:

Larger Emojis:  According to whatsapp team, this Larger Emojis, due to it’s name, It means it will be larger than the old Emojis, These Emojis will be three times larger than the former ones

Mentions: These Mentions may not be new to those who are twitter users.. For those of you that are now aware of the word Mentions, with the use of Mentions, you will be able to tag people in your address book within a chat.

Music Sharing: As the word sound “Music Sharing” (Sharing of music), We all know that whatsapp can share medial files, like picture, music, video….But this one we are talking about is upgraded, Whatsapp users will be able to receive music with there album art

Public Group:  This means, anyone with the whatsapp group link will be able to post to the group but only the power to shut down the group will be done by the group admin

Some people are complaining that whatsapp should be able to make VIDEO CALL, Don’t worry, they are working on that and very soon  you will start making video call.

Just relax, We will update you when the whatsapp video call is launched

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