Jul 24, 2016

Countries With High Worth Of Pirated/Bootleg Software Installed

Are you using an original Microsoft Office software or Photoshop on your PC? Can you brag that you've never used a pirated/bootleg software, movies, games, music on any of your gadgets or devices? If you say "YES" to the above questions;

I can say you do deserve an award for that, if you haven't downloaded pirated/bootleg stuff before in your lifetime. 
There are top foreign countries which pirates/bootleg the most expensive software from Statistic, USA seems to take the lead from the chart above, with a commercial worth of $9.1 billion, whereas China and India take 2nd and 3rd position accordingly.

Although the chart shows the countries which have the maximum steeply-priced pirated software, you need to have it in mind that in terms of the fee of unlicensed software, america is without a doubt decrease than other nations on the listing. In other phrases, whilst a more percent of people  in non-U.S. Countries pirate software, U.S. Citizens/individuals pirate a good deal extra high priced software program.

 If we have been to assume, which African country might take the lead if the equal method is being carried out?

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