Jul 23, 2016

GPS Fake Location Toolkit v2.4.1 (Paid) [Latest]

This application allows you to define the location of your smartphone manually. The application is perfect to be used by developers for testing purposes or simply to transmit a wrong position to other applications. But that`s not all.
Some of the features:
– G-Sensor Mode – move around by tilting your smartphone
– The location can be chosen on a map or via GPS coordinates
– Teleport and movement-function (Simulation of smartphone-movement with arbitrary speed)
– Routes (routes can be easily created and either “walked” once or repeatedly)
– Randomized positions
– Save, load, import or export positions and routes
– Background-service (the process of moving occurs in the background, even if another app is active)
– Works as a normal app without root-rights (mock positions in developing options activated) or as system-app without the developer-option or as xposed app if you have installed the xposed framework (which is recommended).

Note: Root Needed !!!
How does it work?
1. Activate “Allow mock locations” in the developer-options
2. Start using the app
1. Install the app
2. Activate the xposed module and restart the phone
2. Start using the app
1. Install the app as a system-app (“mock locations” not required)
2. Start using the app



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