Jul 15, 2016

How to Bypass Tweakware Daily 200MB & Browse Unlimitedly with Etisalat BB10 plan

If you are among those who thought the etisalat BB10 plans which are unlimited on Android smart phone has completely been blocked, then you are wrong because it's still working perfectly on Tweakware. The Constrain facing free users of tweakware is that they only can use 200MB on the app daily even though the Etisalat BB10 plans are unlimited. Only premium users can browse unlimitedly using Tweakware and have access to all premium servers which are the fastest. But today, am gonna show you how to bypass the daily 200MB usage without paying a dime.

==>ID CHANGER which can be downloaded here
==>Latest version of Tweakware which can be downloaded here
Once that have been done just continue by subscribing for any of the below data plan of your choice.
Sms DLite to 399 @ N70/daily
Sms WLite to 399 @ N350/
MLite to 399 @ N1000/monthly
All are capped 6GB or more.
If you get an error message while subscribing try this alternative
For daily plan, SMS DMid to 399,  cost N100
For Weekly plan, SMS WMid to 399, cost N550
For Monthly plan, SMS MMid to 399, cost  N1500. All caped 6GB or more..
After subscribing download and install the latest version tweakware from playstore or above.
After that open the tweakware and click on settings=>>Bundle Settings=>mark Use Bundle Settings.
Then click on Select Bundled Settings and make sure its on Etisalat BB10
After that go back to the home screen and click on connect and wait for few seconds for it to connect.
That's all and you'll be able to use up to 200MB with the tweakware.

How To Bypass the Daily 200MB restriction.
Now to make tweakware unlimited by bypassing the daily 200mb restriction kindly follow this guide.
Download and install ID Changer which is up there. After downloading keep checking your data usage to know if it has hit the 200mb dailly usage. Once you've used up to 200MB you'll be disconnected and once that happens just leave it disconnected. Then open the ID Changer you downloaded under the ID Changer click on=>>Random=>>After that click OK then under=>>EDIT=>>click on the sign that looks like "x" to generate new ID and then proceed by clicking on the sign which looks exactly like triangle in front of that 'x' sign to apply the generated ID.
And then you will get a successful message.
Click ok and exit the ID changer and then go back to the tweakware and reconnect. Whenever you've used up the 200MB always repeat the above process to get another 200MB on tweakware till your etisalat bis expires. That's my own way of using tweakware unlimitedly without paying for the premium server. So guys enjoy the it last. And don't forget to visit the Android apps section of our blog for exiting app. you can use wif your unlimited data.

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  1. Does one need to root before one can use ID changer?

    1. yeah! you need root..... that's whats gonna make the new id reflect on your phone. thanks for leaving a comment.