Jul 16, 2016

How To Prevent MTN From Touching Your Credit After Exhausting Your Data

Well some times ago I was transferred a few credit by friend on MTN line out of which I used part of it to subscribed. While browsing I keep monitoring my data usage to avoid my credit being dedicated when have exhausted my data. I couldn't browse confidently, so I decided to call the MTN Nigeria customer care to ask if there is any code I can dial to avoid my credit being  touched if I eventually exhaust my data.

I was given some  code which worked for me and will like to share with you guys.
Whenever you guys subscribe to any data plan and you've been givn the data, dial *131*201# to avoid your credit from being touched once you exhaust your data while still browsing. So MTN wont zap your available airtime balance. 

Mind you, dialing that code means you won't be able to browse with money on your phone when there isn't any data. 

Even if you have thousands of credits on that line, and your data is switched on, you won't be able to browse unless you have data or buy data with the credit. But if u are in a tight corner where the money available on your line is not up to the amount you can use in buying data and u wanna browse with the money, then dial *131*200#. The code allows you to browse with money in the absence of data. 

A lot of people already shared this post. Do the same and help your friends prevent MTN from zapping their credit.

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