Jul 20, 2016

How to Receive Your Adsense Earning Using A Domiciliary Account

Considering the recent fall of naira, and rise in dollars, if you are a blogger in Nigeria making money from google adsense on a monthly bases and still receiving your earning through your banks savings account, then you are on a long thing.

When adsense sends you your earnings in dollars, your bank automatically converts it to naira at the rate of N198.5 to a dollar or at any rate that pleases them. Which is so wrong considering the fact that dollar is currently sold at N360 at the black market. The worse part of it is that, if you try buying something online in dollars, using the credit card from that same bank, you will be billed at N365 per dollar which is so weird.
adsense earning
So to cut the long story short, the days of using direct bank wire transfer of your google adsense earning into your Nigerian savings account is long gone. And what you have to do now, is to remove your savings account, and replace it with a working domiciliary account.

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How to Recieve Your Adsesne Earning Using A Dorm Account?
Its easy. Just the same way you had your savings account set up. To do this, follow the simple steps below.
==>1. Log in to your Adsense account dashboad
==>2. Click on the gear icon (settings icon) at the top right corner of your computer screen and select Payments
==>3. Now click on the payment settings on the left hand side of your screen and click on Remove to remove your savings account and the select Add a new payment method.
adsense payment set up

==>4. After that, click on select a payment method and pick the bank wire option.
==>5. Fill as given in your dorm account and enter your dorm account number at the space provided. (You can get the SWIFT-BIC code for your bank here)
==>6. When done, be sure to thick the "Set this payment method as primary" before saving.
That's all. You just have to now sit back and relax. Once your next earning is sent by google, you should get an alert from your dorm account sent by your banks. All you have to do is go withdraw your dollars and exchange at a very good rate using the aboki's at black market.

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