Jul 11, 2016

How To Transfer Files Between PC And Your Smartphone Wirelessly

Transferring files from PC to Phone is fast but now you can transfer files wirelessly without passing USB cable to each other. Before you do this, you have to install these below applications on your Smartphone:

  1. ES File Explorer:  Normally, this application comes with any smartphone but incase you don’t have it on your phone, you can download it on google play and install it
  2.  swiFTP: It is used to transfer multiple files from Windows, Mac or Linux.

How To Enable swiFTP on your smartphone
>>After installation, Lunch it.

>> While lunching, it will ask for username or password

>>Turn on your phone into FTP server by tapping the start button
While running FTP, an IP address will be required

Create Shortcut On Your PC For Uploading file from Android:
      >>Open the “Computer” folder to map your android phone in Windows file explorer.

      >>Enter the IP address of your phone.

      >>Enter the user name that was specify in swiFTP, then click next to proceed.
      >>Enter an appropriate name for the connection.

You are done, every time you need to access your phone, just double click the FTP shortcut to your phone, enter your FTP password, and you’ll have access to all your files in your phone.
Now we have showed you how to get files from your phone  through FTP, Below is how to transfer files to your PC. Before transferring,
Lunch ES File Explorer, It enables LAN tab that displays all the devices on your local network, and an FTP tab that displays any FTP server on your network.


>>Scanning the network, It saves you from having to specify your computer IP address manually. Your phone will search for any accessible devices on your local network, and displays them under the LAN tab. Now, you will see all accessible shared folders on your local network.

>> Go back to the Local tab, and copy the files that you want to upload to your computer.

>> Copy as many files as you want and ES File Explorer will group these files in its clipboard area.
>> Go back to the LAN tab, tap the clipboard, and you should see all the files that you just copied.
>>Click your menu button to bring up ES File Explorer’s Context Menu.
>> Click “Operation”, then paste, and ES File Explorer will upload all these files to your computer

With this steps, you will be able to transfer files from your Smartphone to your PC without USB cable.

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