Jul 14, 2016

How To Transfer Files Wirelessly With Xender from PC To Phone Or Phone To PC

Technology makes it easy for us to do so  many things nowadays and many people are really enjoying this, Most things now are easier and faster.
phone to PC sharing

I know most people will be amazed that it’s possible to transfer file through Xender from PC to Phone or Phone to PC but don ‘t be amazed, it technology, Before, We can only transfer files form PC to Phone or Phone to PC with USB cable which we taught it’s the fastest and easiest  way of transfer file from those two gadget (PC and Phone). Now lots of developer build android and iOS apps that help users to share or transfer larger sizes in few seconds. Xender was the one of the most popular file sharing applications. You can install Xender on your smartphone and share files easily 

Xender App allow you to transfer files and folders of larger size via computer which also is the best way for file sharing pc to android phone or we say sharing files between Windows and Smartphone.  

How To Transfer Files From PC To Android Phone Using Xender
>> Turn On your PC wireless
>>Run Xender App on your smartphone and click connect to PC
xender screenshot 1

==> Open Web Address on your computer
==> Tab on the Wireless button
xender screenshot 2

==> Change WiFi Network in PC  To “Xender AP7884”
==>Enter ( address in web browser

That”s  all, You can start sending files with xender from PC to phone or Phone to Pc… If you have any difficulties is setting it up, Kindly drop your COMMENT. And finally, don't be greedy. Share this post to help your friends share files with ease.

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