Jul 14, 2016

Why The Heck Should We Read Your Blog Posts

Most bloggers now or webmaster only create a site just to make money on like some years ago where by people create site so that they can share thought ,opinions and also market there product. Don’t misquote me, I do not say you should not make money with your site/blog, even I also, I create my site to make money, at the same time, I also create it to create awareness to the public.
why you blog
Recently, Tumblr has 291.7 million blogs, WordPress.com has more than 49 millions posts each month and the new kid on the block, Medium, is quickly taking the world by storm with up to  30 million visitors a month. These look impressive and make them to put more effort, but the  questions is that , why should anyone read your blog? Have you really ask your fellow blogger or webmaster before?.

I noticed that most of the sites now a days where focused on the “individual’ rather than businesses or news sites. Now, most people has his/her own blog, but for much different reasons. Blogging has turned from an intimate and community focused platform for sharing and adding value into a billboard of regurgitated information for the masses.  Normally, we really don’t know what blogging is all about.

Yes, blogging is more than traffic, quote me, “more than traffic”, I don’t say you should not work on traffic on your blog but am trying to tell you that “blogging is more than traffic”. For  example,When you pay  for traffic on facebook (Create Ads) or you use Google Adwordsn to get traffic, Normally you pay for this and they must fulfill what you payed for but if you are continuously paying for traffic and your did not update your visitors or give them meaningful and tangible information, they will not visit your blog often again and this will be a waste of money, so when blogging and getting traffic, try to update you visitors with confirm information, I mean “not copy and paste”, by doing this, your visitors will not turn back to another blog.

This really helps a lot because some visitors, when they drop comment so that the owner of that blog can respond and the owner fails to do that, probably maybe the owner thinks it does not mean, “what for?” but let me tell you frankly, this means a lot, if you visitors drop a comment to follow him/her up, drop your own comment also on that your visitor comment as the owner of the blog/site then, follow him/her up and chat with him/her and get what him/her wants. By doing so people will start following you up and share their opinion on your blog to you because you have also drop a comment for the previous visitor,  And also, try to understand you visitors, On your post, check the topic that they visit most and start giving them that mode of post in different forms. 
My advice to you is that do not do these things listed below in your blog:


  • Copy & paste content, 
  • Copy the competition, 
  • Complain( you are into it so do not complain, adapt you anything that comes you on your blog), 
  • Promote your own ego, 
  • post just because it necessary.

With this, you should re  arrange yourself in the sense that share your thoughts, opinions and give practical advice to your audience.

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