Jul 28, 2016

How To Withdraw From A Domiciliary Account In Nigeria

Domiciliary is very good to save and withdraw because this account enables people to save with different currencies and you can withdraw it anytime you need it. As from now on, I will advice those people that deals with online business with different countries to have a domiciliary account if they haven’t .

These below steps  are for those who has domiciliary account, these steps is on how to withdraw from that your domiciliary account. There are many ways one can make a withdrawal from a domiciliary account and this depends on the type of domiciliary account either savings or current.

Now the steps goes thus….

>> Submitting A Written Application For Withdrawal: This entails writing of an application for a withdrawal addresses to your bank branch's manager and you'd be able to get the money

>>Using A Cheque: It is very easy, write the amount you want and your usual signature.

>>Wire Transfer: Wire transfer is all about bank to bank either for local or international and the funds would be transferred within a week.

>>Using Withdrawal Slip: Get the withdrawal slip then  fill it and wait to be paid from the foreign currency teller.

>>Using ATM( Automated Teller Machine):  if you are using ATM card, you can easily use visa or mastercard to withdraw from any globally connected ATM in Nigeria in the local currency or abroad in the country's currency.
With this 5 steps mentioned above, you can make withdrawal from domiciliary account without any problem. 

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