Jul 25, 2016

Moded Http Injector v1.0.0g by renz [A must download for Free Browsing Trick lovers]

Hello guys, no much talk guys I do like to introduce a new Moded HTTP injection by renzzy which has exciting features. this newly Modded http injector doesn't need any config file nor ssh account to work you just need to configure it directly the way you do configure psiphon,netify and pronet vpn. this moded http injector is super fast.

Credits goes to:
==>renz zy
==>d.z.e.b.b handler
==>alagad ng freenet (anf)

in other to use the app a code is needed to unlock the app is its locked by default. so use the below child lock code the way it is written below with space.
child lock code:
renz zy alagadngfreenet

Download link:
Http Injector Mode.apk


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