Jul 22, 2016

Simple Ways To Save Your Data On Both Mobile Device And PC

Why are you complaining of quick run out of data either on your mobile or computer? Don’t worry, everything has been solved, we brought to you the solution for that. Besides, most of us don’t  how to you our data properly, some people will want to feel among with their friends who is browsing , coming online regularly, streaming and downloading.  On you MTN line, You subscribe N1000 per month and you will be given 1.5GB, how can you compare your self with someone who subscribe N2000 for 3.5GB monthly so this is the reason why I said most of us don’t know how to use or rather say manage our data.

Today, I will give you the tips on how to save your data so let’s roll it together… Below are the tips to save your data.

>>Turn On Data Saver Mode:  you can reduce the usage of your data on your Android or PC  by turning on Chrome, Data saver mode, This allows the compressing of web pages to remove images when loading a page on a slow connection.

>>Stop Auto Update On Your Device: Auto update is one of the most thing that consume data a lot which you don’t know, Even I can say, auto update on your device consume data than downloading files because when you put your device on auto update, any app latest version, your device will update it for you automatically then you will be happy that you have the latest version of apps on you device. But seriously, when you update your devices, it makes it work perfectly than previous one but this may select phone, it depends, there are some phone that after updating it, it will start mal-functioning, nevertheless, Don’t put your device on auto update, if you want to update your phone, that’s you wish not that it will start updating by itself. 

>>Access Google Map Offline: Am sure some people don’t know how to access Google map without connection, you can access your Google map offline and this will reduce you data usage, This kind of things consume data quickly. You can do this by downloading an area of the world and seamlessly use Maps features like turn-by-turn navigation then access useful location information without a network connection.

>>Watch YouTube Videos Offline: Are you aware that you can watch youtube videos without connection? If “No”, then you now know that it is possible to stream watch youtube video without connection, Note, you can use YouTube Offline, if you know you are having challenges in doing this, you can easily download the video on your YouTube App, then watch it anytime on your phone 

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