Jul 27, 2016

Try Prisma App To Paint Pictures On Android & IOS

I  know some of us love painting our picture , we paint our picture in any style that suit our taste, some people turn their picture as old picture while some in another different style but I noticed that we really need another app which is more effective than the ones on ground so we make research on app that is more effective in aspect of painting and we got to find out this app called PRISMA

This prisma app is really good for painting and the most funniest thing is that for the little time people got to know abut prisma, the app has gotten millions of download.

This app can change you photo into resembling actual artworks by real-life painters. Prisma's algorithms, It will re-draw the image and bring out an awesome result, This app is really good for people who love painting, I will advice them to go for this.

Prisma is available for Android and IOS

Download Prisma for Android here
Download Prisma for IOS here

Enjoy yourself with this app, am sure you will love it.

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