Aug 5, 2016

Great!! Blackberry Hub + Is Currently Available For Android

Blackberry does not want to give up, we all no that most people nowadays uses Android and IOS but still blackberry announced Blackberry hub+ suite of Android App.

Blackberry Hub+ for Android is a new suite of apps that should be familiar to any BlackBerry 10 user which enables in centralizing all of your communications into a single and also unified interface.

This device will be made available with a new software licensing program for mobile devices. Blackberry also made some statement which goes thus:

“we’re bringing the super productivity suite known as BlackBerry Hub+ from BlackBerry 10 to, not just PRIV or our comingDTEK50 smartphone, but ALL Android M(arshmallow) smartphones”.

Note that BlackBerry Hub inbox will include calendar, password keeper, contacts. notes, a launcher and more. It will be available for Android 6.0 Marshmallow for now but later on, it will also be available for Android Lollipop and iOS devices

How To Download It
Download it by clicking here..

NOTE: Only free trial of Android hub can be downloaded for Android from “Google Play” after which the trial will expire within 30 days, if you which to continue using it, you can continue using it for free with an ad-based experience or subscribe

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