Aug 12, 2016

How To Repair/Fix Dead MTK Android After Interrupting in The Process Of Flashing

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There are some Smartphone that are really stubborn, they just develop fault anyhow and anytime they like, this is not only applicable to Smartphone but also any mobile device but it’s mostly common among Androids but there are various ways you can fix it.

Today, I will specify of how to fix the device that is not coming up after interrupting the flashing process while making using of SP Flashtool, you ought to know how to use SP Falshtool before you start using it because while using SP Falshtool, once you interrupt the flashing or read back process, either you mistakenly touching the USB cable or something else, the phone will go off and not come on at all.

You may start getting useless flashing attempt like “USB device not recognized “ which may result to totally dead phone.

Now I will show you the step on how to fix/ repair dead MTK Android after interrupting , Let’s get started

>> Connect the dead phone to a computer with a USB cord or power source and leave it to charge for some time. It could take up to two hours or more but once the phone is revived, your battery could read as low as 1%, take note.

>>Leave it, let it keep on charging before powering it.

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You can also make things fast by speeding it up….this will also reduce time wasting, try these steps below

>>Remove the battery of the dead phone

>> Connect the phone to a charger without battery in it

>> Slot in the battery while the phone is still connected to the charger

Now, start pressing the Volume up + Power button while charging

NOTE: you can also remove the battery and charge it with a desktop for some minute to just boost it.

After all this processing and bringing the phone back to life, Uninstall then re-install MTK vcom drivers you’ve earlier on installed on your PC

We have come to the end of this tutorial, try yours today and give me feedback using the COMMENT BOX.

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