Aug 29, 2016

Must Read!! How To Stop Latest Whatsapp Terms From Sharing Your Info On Facebook

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I don’t really like what this new Whatsapp terms include, Why will Whatsapp be sharing people’s information on Facebook. This terms sharing any information about you including your phone number  so I will want you to take note of the terms and beware of it, don’t make mistake for allowing the new Whatsapp Terms to share your information on Facebook.
Well, this is the reason why I combine this article together to inform you on how you can dodge Whatsapp from sharing your info on Facebook

Before you start clicking on “agree”  read the information carefully so that you will not make mistake unlike before that you will not even read it and you will click on “agree” instantly.

How To Stay Away From Allowing Whatsapp Sharing Your Info On Facebook

>> Launch “WhatsApp” from your home screen or the app drawer
>>Tap  the “Up Arrow”, It is located right corner to read more.
>>Tap the “Checkbox” to opt out from sharing your info on Facebook

This steps above is for those people who haven’t  agree to their terms and service but for those of you who have agreed to the terms and service, this steps below is for you but you have 30 days to use the second method below to opt out or else that’s all.

>> Launch WhatsApp from your home screen or the app drawer.
>> Tap the “more button” in the top right corner.
>> Tap “Settings”
>>Tap “Account”.
>> Tap the “checkbox” and go to “Share my account info”.

You are now on a safer side now, Please and Please, Don’t be selfish..Pass it across to your friends, relatives, neighbors and any body around your that is using Whatsapp.

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