Aug 4, 2016

The New Psiphon A+ featuring Glo 0.0kb Unlimited Free Browsing Tweak[This might solve your frequent disconnection problem]

Hello Guys, you would all agree with me that the Glo 0.0kb Free Browsing Tweak is working via Tweakware which can be found here but not stable and sometimes the speed do reduce after you use 10MB. Am here with a solution to that, just follow me as I provide guide on that. 

How To Connect Your Psiphon A+ Pro Black App For Glo 0.0kb  

Download and Launch Psiphon A+ Pro Black App  Here 

» Frontquery: 
» Proxy type: Real Host 
»  Proxy server: 
» Real proxy type: HTTP 
» Real proxy server: 
» Real proxy port: 80


Then save. And connect. Give it 30sec to 1min to connect. If your Glo network in your area is not that strong. If its looks like the image below it means it has connected.

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