Aug 24, 2016

Top 5 Websites You Can Download Free eBooks Online

The internet was created 25years ago and since then it has connected many and has also made things easier for many including students. Almost no student or scholar can do without internet. And we read books or even articles almost on daily bases. The list on online book websites that I listed bellow provides you with turns of books to download and the most ridiculous part of it is that it is for free; yes you download any books there for FREE. So explore and enjoy

The No.1 in my List is: They provide well structured navigations that aids in finding any book of your choice. You could brows through the most popular titles, Cover Special collections or even through some book covers to select your best fit. ManyBooks have in stock over 30,000+ free ebooks for download and inn different categories ranging from Young Readers to Adventure you could also brows through the “Most Popular Download section” 

2. ReadPrints in 2010 was voted one in the Time Magazine. It has in the front page a wide list of ebooks from popular Authors such as Louisa May Alcott, Rudyard Kipling, and Jack London. Its navigation is very great and contains more than 10,000+ free download books. 

3. Free Computer Books: Are you a computer Science Student or A Programmer, this is the websites you could get any computer programming Language and computer related books. There you will also find an analysed lecture note that makes it easy to plan your time table. 

4. Literature Networks: Here you will find Humanitarian free literature related books to download. You navigate through alphabetically arranged Authors, expanding to various information such as the Author’s Biography, quizzes, some related links and Articles. 

5. Have you heard about audio books? Librivox is a nice website for audiobook lovers. And you download all books here totally for free without paying a dime which a relief for those of us that have paid heavily for less value audiobooks. Librivox is compounded with admirable recordings of classic books to download free. Librivox is the best choice for audiobooks

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