Aug 10, 2016

What You Don’t Know About Airtel 6gb For N1500 Data Plan

We all know that this Airtel 6gb for N1500 was recently revealed but we don’t really believe it, I know that the reason why we don’t really put mind in that data plan is because it is too hard to believe it “6gb for N1500” but let me be frank at you, it is really true and working on blackberry, android, IOS, Java, symbian.

airtel 6gb for 1500 bundle offer

I will want you to know that this data plan is real and I can say it anywhere that this Airtel data plan is the best plan compare to other network even Glo is trying to bring out the best and great plan but Airtel still strive in theirs and which Airtel is currently has the best plan.
Now, let me show you the secrets you don’t really know about this new Airtel 6gb for N1500 data plan..


==>1. UNLIMITED DATA:  Airtel  SMS while trying to subscribe for this data plan will show you a message that the plan you subscribe for is ‘unlimited’ but  don’t but deceived , the data plan is 6GB

==>2. IT’S NIGHT PLAN:  You all thought that it onlu works in the night, NO, it works all through the day and night, 2-4-7 but only valid for 30 days.

==>3. SPEED : I know this is one of the reason why people do not want to subscribe for this Airtel data plan just because of the speed  but let me tell you, the speed works perfectly cool as it must be on Android.

==>4. IMEI TWEAKING: Most people really thought they will tweak their imei before they can subscribe for this plan, NO! it does not need any tweaking stuff only what you need to do is to subscribe, that’s all.

==>5. ELIGIBILITY:  Don’t be scared because they said you will check if you are eligible before you can subscribe for this data plan and they also tell you that most Airtel users are not eligible, it’s a lie, I can assure you that up to 70% of Airtel users are eligible for this plan.

==>6. BLACKBERRY PLAN: Airtel said it 1+1 blackberry plan but let guys, it works on any devices, Android, IOS, Symbian or Java even including PC

airtel 6gb for 1500 message

Recharge N1500 on you Airtel sim and dial *440*161# , you will receive a message activation that you have successfully subscribe for the plan which valid for 30 days as seen in the below image.
airtel 6gb for 1500 sucessful

To Check Your Data Balance: Dial *140#
Am sure you will now take a step in and get you own data also like I also get mine… HURRY NOW

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