Aug 13, 2016

Xiaomi Unveils Electric Screwdriver WoWstick 1fs

For the gadget enthusiasts in the house, right here is a further revolutionary toy for you. They are not just a brand, however they are gods in their possess arena… The Apple of China has indeed include a progressive invention another time, unveiling an electrical screw driver called Wowstick 1fs.

The screwdriver has an built-in anodized aluminum design and likewise comes with a built-in shadow less LED that permits you to peer into dark holes protecting screws. 

The Wowstick features a detachable battery that presents as much as 8 hours of continuous work or as much as 180 days of standby. It is going to be available in a white storage box and have a weight of 234g. There will probably be 18 srew hints constructed from S2 metal alloy. You will have to additionally get speeds of as much as 100RPM on the Wowstsick 1fs.


Product Color            -  Silver

Overpack                   - White Box
Total Product Weight - 234g

Power Supply            - Replaceable Battery AAAX2

Product Life               - 180 days with 8 hours continuous work

Operatind Mode        - Dual torque 0.2 / 3 N.m

Bit size                       - 4 x 28mm

Rotating Speed          - 100RPM (Revolution per minute)
Product Reatures      - Self locking ratchet orientation
It will be priced at $30 = N10,000+

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