Sep 25, 2016

How To Fund Your Swisscoin Account with

If you are reading this post and you really don't know what swisscoin is, then you've missed a lot and you are missing a lot. Well, it's not too late if you can make a move by investing in swisscoin today in other to secure your future before its too late. I know by now, you might be wondering what swisscoin really is and why and how to invest in it. If you are eager to know then you can go through my previous post on how to become a future millionaire by investing In swisscoin and also go through this post as well.

So many people who partakes in the first swisscoin mining are now smiling because then, they mined their coin at difficulty level of 1/1 meaning when they purchased 2500 tokens it was doubled to 5000 token after the split got to 100% and during mining, their 5000 tokens gave them 5000 Swisscoin. I'm part of those smiling right now because i was a partaker of the first swisscoin mining and i was able to mine my coin at difficulty level of 1/1. If you are just hearing about swisscoin for the first time, you may not understand what am saying until you go through this post on swisscoin minning.

Right now, so many people are trooping into Swisscoin. But the problem many of them are facing are problems of funding their account. Most especially people from Africa.

So today, I'm gonna show you how to fund your swisscoin wallet and buy packs at the comfort of your home using okpay. Your continent/country doesn't matter as you can fund swisscoin with okpay from anywhere around the world.

How To Use To Pay For Swisscoin Package (Perfect Money, Payza, Payeer)?

You can get a package only when you have funds in your E-wallet or by using payment methods provided by Swisscoin to pay for your package.
There are different payment options you can use to fund the OKpay account (Perfect MoneyPayeerPayza). But for the purpose of this tutorial, I will be using Perfect Money as an example. You can also use same method for either Payeer or Payza because these are the simplest methods you can use to fund your OKpay account so that you can purchase your package from Swisscoin easily. I will show you how to do this in some easy steps.
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      • First, you need to open Perfect Money account if you don’t have one. You can open one using this LINK.
      • Secondly, you need to fund that Perfect Money account easily using Naira4dollar account in real time. CLICK HERE TO CREATE A NAIRA4DOLLAR ACCOUNT it is free. or Instantgold which I consider to be the fastest means of buying e-currency even though your account is not verified yet.
      • OKAY! Goto OKpay website to sign up a free account if you do not have any with them.
      • Fill in the required details.

      • Login to your account after a successful sign up.
      • You will be asked to select an account type, choose “Personal Account” and continue.

      • At the right hand side of the dashboard select “Add Money“.

      • You will be taken to a page with list of supported funding options, locate and select “Perfect Money” under “Third Party Exchange Providers“.

      • A dialogue box will pop-out, make sure you select EURO at both sides since what we need is “euro”.

      • Click the “Show Exchangers“, you will be taken to
      • Specify the amount you want to fund your OKpay with and choose “Excluding Fees“. Then hit the calculate button.

      • Scroll down and select the Exchanger you prefer, but the one i recommend is “” and ““.

      • Select the, because it is the easiest.
      • You will be taken to “
      • Click on the button as shown in the image below and select Perfect Money (euro).

      • Enter the amount again, and on the other side click the drop down button to select OKpay (euro).

      • This will then auto-calculate
      • With 1,000 EURO, it says I will be given 1,005 from my Perfect Money account and be getting 960 EURO into my OKpay account. COOL 🙂
      • Just below this box, you will see a form where you will input both your Perfect Money account PIN and OKpay PIN, which can be found in the OKpay dashboard under “Wallet and Currencies“.

      • After this, click on “Exchange“.
      • You will be taken to a login page on changex. Here you have to Sign up for new account if you are a new customer.
      • Fill the form with the required details and proceed.
      • After a successful login or sign up, you will be given the exchange summary of your transaction.
      • Click “Continue” to proceed.
      • You will be taken to Perfect Money Payment Order. Choose the one you want and hit “Make Payment” and you will be taken to a preview page.

      • Verify with your “Member ID” and “Password” and hit “Preview Payment” and then “Confirm Payment

      With these, you are done. So, it usually takes some couple of days before the funds are received in your OKpay account.  I will advise you to do this during workdays, because doing this on weekends will take up to 48 hours for the transaction to complete, which means you will get it on Monday.
      Right after you get the fund into your OKpay account, head straight to your Swisscoin dashboard to purchase any package of your choice. 
      ==> But make sure you select OKpay as preferred method of payment.
      ==> Click the “CONFIRM” button and you will be redirected to checkout page on OKpay.
      ==> Hit “Select” button as seen in the image below:

      ==> After that, select your “Source of Funds” as seen in the image below, and pay

      If there is anything you don't understand, just feel free to ask question(s), I will be here to guide you during the registration process and even after it.

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