Sep 15, 2016

Updated 2017: Full Details Of Glo Bounce Tariff Plan + Migration Codes

Glo is really trying about this their freebies and their low call rates to all networks. Among all the networks, Glo is one of the network that give out freebies to their subscriber.
Glo really care for their user and I really support how Glo network does, by this way their subscribers will be really impressed. No too much of talk… Read the features of Glo  bounce below.

Features Of Glo Bounce Tariff Plan

>>Customers who are under the sites classified as Campus zones enjoy 5k/sec on calls to all glo customers after making the first minute at #40. The campus zones are territories under sites classified as campus sites and these campus sites are base station sites serving campuses of tertiary institutions across the country.

>>Free night calls between 12:00 a.m - 4:59a.m upon the usage of 30 NGN between 12:01a.m - 11:59p.m

>>Free 30MB of data upon a single recharge of #200 and above, valid for 7 days. The more NGN200 you recharge the more you get 30MB to browse the internet and also extend the validity period. 

 >>Free facebook browsing on

>>Free Ring Back Tune for one month.

>>Free SMS on every charged SMS you send and it is useable to all networks in Nigeria i.e you get a free SMS to send to any network anytime you send a charged SMS.

>>Send SMS for as low as NGN 4.00 to all networks, NGN 10.00 to International lines and #3.00 to your peeps on glo bounce tariff

>>Calls from glo - glo lines is charged at 12k/sec

>>Calls from glo to other networks is charged at 12k/sec

>>Calls between glo subscribers on the glo bounce plan is charged at 5k/sec

Now, this is how you can migrate to Glo bounce tariff plan
>> Simply dial *170*4# from your glo line then press 1 to confirm.

>> To migrate the Campus zone option and make calls at a flat rate of 5k/sec to all glo numbers when you are within your campus zone, simply dial *170*9# and continue flexing... Don’t waste time, Grab your copy NOW!!!

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