Oct 28, 2016

Finally! WhatsApp Begin Rollout Of Video Calling Feature

The first thing that came to my mind when I saw this was, Great! One of the most popular messaging app in the world has finally started rolling out their Video calling feature and quote me any where, Whatsapp video calling is more better than any. This feature has been long expected…

Well, finally, WhatsApp began rolling out Video calling features to some beta testers and I’m pretty sure that a lot of beta testers will be rocking WhatsApp video calling. As long as you are a beta tester, you only need to update your WhatsApp if available to the latest beta version and you should be sure to receive the video calling features.

Let me remind you of this, As soon as they receive the video calling feature on their WhatsApp IM, Allo and Duo will immediately move to the recycle bin J)

If you want to be part of those beta testers, read and watch until the main update gets to Google Playstore. Stay update. So what do you think about this feature?

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