Oct 24, 2016

Get 100% Of Your Investment In 5 days With HandsOfCroud (HOC): Tested & Trusted!

After brief attack on handsofcrowd earlier this month (November), i ran a few research on the system and realized it is no longer safe to invest your money into it. So i repeat do not put your money into handsofcrowd until we instruct you to do so. 

In this post, you will learn about a new tested and trusted investment that pays you 100% return on investment within 5 days known as HandsOfCrowd.com (aka HOC)

With the rise in the number of ways to double or increase your investments over a short period of time, it seems the God of wealth has changed position and is now channeled/sitted in Nigeria.
The first to go viral was MMM Nigeria, followed by MMMunited, then Lara, coinr and a host of others.

Some came as Networking (Zarfund), some as HYIP programs (Lara, coinr etc) which zoomed off with peoples money after paying for a short while. And a few others as a peer 2 pear (p2p) community that provide help to their members (MMM united, MMM Nigeria, etc)

Today am here to introduce you to another p2p community (HandsOfCrowd - HOC) that is new, tested and trusted with the ability to double your investment for you within the shortest period of time (just 5 days)

How HandsOfCround.com Works

Its just like mmm where there is no central account. Your money goes directly to a fellow participant. If you provide help, you will get 100% help within 5 days. Minimum ph is 10$ and maximum is 100$.

However, after PH, on the 4th day, you are expected to recommit something into the system which is usually same or higher amount ($10 to $100) before you Get help on the 5th day.

All pH and GH is done in bitcoin. You are matched to other participants and given a maximum time of 24 hours to send fund to the bitcoin address of the other participant.

Apart from PH and GH, you can also earn by referal which is usually 10% of the invitees investment.

In a month, you can get upto $640 with $100 investment

How To Register With HandsOfCrowd?

==>1. Register through me by Clicking Here or by copying and pasting this link to your browser https://handsofcrowd.com/index.php?ref_id=UcheFrancis

==>2. If during registration you are asked for sponsor, just type UcheFrancis

==>3. After registration, I will add you to a Telegram group where you will get to know all about HOC. To reach me, comment below or send me your telegram details on facebook stating you have completed HOC registration under me! So I can add you up. And possibly put you through myself.

My next post on HandsOfCrowd.com, will be a detailed guide on how it works for better understanding.

In conclusion, I will advice you to use your opportunities wisely. As well as tell you to trade with caution by using an amount you can afford to loose. Because life alone is a risk and so are investments. That HOC is paying now doesn't mean it will pay forever. So trade with caution.

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  1. This is cool bro. I'll share it with people and also check out more bitcoin opportunities @ Jackobian Bitcoin Forums

    Message me, am prezzy

  2. Hi, I heard you have to be provide help and recommit help before you get help. Can you shed more light on this. For example, if I'm starting with $10 on day 1 to provide help, I have to recommit another $10 on the 4th day to get paid on the 5th day

    1. Yes bro. You heard right. After providing help, you must recommit something on the 4th day before getting help on the 5th day.

      However, the amount must not be equal to the amount you Provided help it. It can be any amount from $10 to $100.

      According to the admin of the system, this is put in place to help the system last longer by keeping the participants engaged to the system.

      Hope you get the point?