Nov 3, 2016

Glo Back To Back: You Can Now Borrow Data On Glo. Check It Out…

Like seriously, Glo is the grand master, so tell me, What kind of love do you need again other than the kind of data love the grand master of data is showing right now to all Nigerians; Glo has unveiled yet another data plan for the borrowers club. Glo has feeling for everyone including the borrowers 

Glo Borrow Me Dataallows subscribers to borrow Data credit of up to 2GB whenever their data bundles are exhausted and they have no airtime balance to recharge their data plan or in cases of unsuccessful subscription bundle activation due to low balance.

>>How to know if you are eligible for this offer..
You must be at-least be a month old using Glo network

>>How to borrow data
To borrow data dial *321# and follow the menu options. The customer will repay the Data credit whenever airtime recharge is made.

What do you think about what Glo did, do you like it or not?

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