Nov 22, 2016

Reasons Why Your Phone Gets Hot

I noticed that most phone users don't really care about the hotness (temperature) of their phone until the phone goes completely bad. There are some very sensitive parts of your phone that are allergic to much heat. If you know you really care for your phone and you want to reduce your expenses on phone, read this article carefully.

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Check Out The Reasons Why Your Phone Get Hot May Be As A Result Of Any Of These Below.

>> Wrong or bad charger:
If you follow the instructions on your phone, You will see that the manufacturers to write that “use original charger and accessories for your phone”  most especially smart phones and other android devices. The use of broken chargers or cracked charger for any of this devices can cause a big damage to the phone which is best noticed when the phone gets extremely hot after charging. So stop this habit and go  get the specified charger for your device before it costs you more.

>>Inadequate access to air :
Majority of phone users hardly remove their phones from their pockets, maybe due to the fear of loosing it to thieves or whatever but the fact is that phones also have processors just like computers. Phones are built in such a way that the heat are taken away from heat sensitive areas in the phone to were they can be easily dispersed like the case of your phone. Now imagine keeping that same phone in your pocket away from fresh air for a long time, this is really bad so change that area for good that is, Learn to hold your phone in your hand at times and keeping it away from air tight places like your pocket from time to time.

>>Prolonged usage or using too many applications at once :
Would you believe that prolonged usage of your phone like chatting on different chat sites at the same time or any other application will also increase the heat of your phone through the processor. So, whenever you are using your phone for a long period of time, you should note that there will be a change in the temperature of the mobile device.

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