Nov 2, 2016

See The Best And Cheapest Data Plans For All Devices In Novemebr 2016 Be It iOS, Android, Windows And Also PC

Though it comes late but still...Happy new month in arrears to all NaijaTechLovers Readers and I am so happy we all scale through to the Month of November. Before I begin, I know that this month is really a glorious month because papa God don butter our bread Lolxxx, so now, we are going to look at the best and also the cheapest data plans for your mobile device. Let’s see..

 MTN is currently given any subscribers who dim it fit to upgrade his or her sim to 4G sim 5GB free data. If you think you need that data, intentional loss your sim card, go to any MTN office closest to you and do welcome back, automatically you’ll be given a 4G enabled sim with 5GB extra or you can choose to enjoy double data offer for 6months if your new 4G sim kisses a new device. Those of you still using 3G only device, please upgrade your device.

MTN Normal Data Offer still remained unchanged, but I’d rather go with third party sellers who give me a better value for my money,

Third party agents will give you;
MTN Plans
1GB for    N600
1.5GB for N875
2GB for    N1200
3GB for    N1600
3.5GB for N1800
4GB for    N2000
5GB for    N2700

Check out the best data plans on etisalat are as seen below;
1GB for N800 
1.5GB for N1000
2.5GB for N1600
3.5GB for N2000
5GB for N2500 
10gb for N4500

 Airtel is Boo when it comes to data dissemination. I recently discovered that my normal 1GB for N100 weekend plan, doesn’t read any more, instead it accumulates without any deductions, I wonder where Airtel is deducting my weekend downloads from because I have more than 5GB weekend plans that keeps accumulating without any deduction.

Airtel recently introduced a new offer called Triple Surf Offer, that gives you upto 100% of data bonuses… 

Airtel has now made it easier for you to buy any data by dialing *141#, you’ll see all the available data offer. The only Airtel Data plans I can vouch for are from third party, they offer you the below

1GB 700
1.5GB 900
3.5GB 1800
7GB. 3150
9GB 4000

These plans works on Android, Blackberry10, iPhones/iPad, windows and PC devices.

They are the grand master of data.They give you cheap but real data as seen below
Note that, Glo 3G data will work on 4G phones and vice versa.

Well, for now, MTN and Etisalat 3G data plans works perfectly well on 4G LTE network. But when it comes to cheap, Glo top the chat.  

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