Nov 24, 2016

Working Solution To MMMunited Activation Email Not Sent (Hourly Method)

Hello guys a lot has been said already about MMMunited. But in case you are still on the loop, MMMunited is a global  version of MMM and shares the same ideology as MMM although not directly affiliated or linked with the creators of MMM - Nigeria.

It is available to participants all over the world with the help of bitcoin cryto currency and offers 100% return on investment in just 30 days making it a better alternative to MMM - nigeria which only gives 30% return with same duration. 
MMMunited logo

The thing is, while MMM united works and pays, it also has its own flaws which has posed a huge challenge on its participants/guiders registering their downlines/referees & wanna be participants. This problem is the inability to receive the activation email after registration to enable to set a recovery password for your new account. This has so far made it difficult for new members to signup/register for the high yield investment program.

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Today, i bring you the solution to MMMunited Activation email not sent to make easier for you to create your account as well as create that of your downlines so you start earning in no time... Time waits for no man!

Solution To MMMunited Activation Email Not Sent!

I don't know why MMMunited is having this problem but to solve it, we make use of the hourly method which works fine without glitches and is very simple. All you have to do is follow the simple steps below.

==>1. First, ypou have to create a new account. Click Here to Create

==>2. After creating your account, and the ACTIVATION MAIL WAS NOT SENT, just keep cool. 

==>3. Click on login, then fill the captacha and hit login again.

==>4. The login page will appear just wait until the time is about 7:57am, 8:57am, 9:57am etc and click on Get new password and enter the email you created the account with. Then once the time hit 8:00, 9:00, 10:00 etc, click on Send Request.

==>5. Now, check your mail. The recovery mail will be waiting for you. Open it and click on Recovery Password. And a page will open where you are expected to insert your new password. Do as instructed and Change password and that's all. You will get a pop up with a success message. Just click ok and try login in

See Image Steps Below!

MMMunited password recover
the time must be o'clock before clicking send request

Recovery/Activation email received
Recovery/Activation email received

MMMunited password recovery mail
MMMunited password recovery mail when opened

MMMunited change password box
MMMunited change password box

Second Fix For Activation Email Not Sent! 

The second solution i will like to proffer is that you wait a little longer (a week or there about) and MMMunited will send you the mail themself or send you a mail with a link to complete your registration. That should work too.

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Finally, if you are still having problems, we can help you out. For questions, kindly use the comment box below and i will reply you in no time.

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