Dec 26, 2016

2017 Updated Airtel Data Plans and Subscription Codes

This post was last updated April 1st 2017. It contains a list of all Airtel data bundle plans with details & subscription codes, will be updated on regular bases (daily, weekly or monthly with respect to change). So do well to bookmark or check back regularly to see what's new, cheaper and most affordable for your pocket.

As an average mobile telecommunication user, you most probably have subscribed to different data plans from different networks. However, you would surely appreciate what Airtel has now come up with. This September, Airtel Nigeria updated its data plans and codes. It introduced plans that would make you have a rethink, regardless of how satisfactory you judge your current service provider. If not for the magnanimity of this network, we might be paying through our noses to get an insignificant amount of data from other networks.

Airtel data bundle plans

The broad spectrum of data bundles that Airtel recently posted on its website has various side attractions. There are plans for Android, Blackberry, iPhone. Another interesting part of it is that the bundles also work on laptops, with Internet modem or even via hotspot.

Airtel has daily data plan (which expires in 24 hours), weekly data plan (which expires in 7 days), monthly data plan (which expires in 30 or 31 days), and night data plan. It also has what is called “Social Plan.” As the name sounds, Social Plan affords users an opportunity to log in to their online social media platforms to chat, send and download pictures and videos with minimal costs. Social Plan is categorized into three; Airtel has “Whatsapp plan,” “Facebook plan,” and “Opera Mini.”

Codes for subscribing to some of these plans are not new at all. They have been in use before now. However, since Airtel recently made these changes, it is beneficial for each subscriber to get familiar with what I am going to reiterate here.

For the ease assimilation, let me arrange the plans against their codes in a tabular form. 

Their validity period is also columned herewith.

Daily Weekly and Monthly Plans

Data Volume
Sub Code (Dial)
Daily plan
24 hours (1 day)
Daily Plan
48 hours (2 days)
Weekly Plan
1 Week (7 days)
Weekly Plan
2 Weeks (14 days)
Monthly Plan
1 month (30 days)
Monthly Plan
1 month (30 days)
Monthly Plan
1 month (30 days)
Monthly Plan
1 month (30 days)
Monthly Plan
9GB (for selected SIM)
1 month (30 days)
Monthly Plan
1 month (30 days)
Monthly Plan
1 month (30 days)

Airtel Social Data plans

Airtel Social Plans
If all you need to do is chatting with your loved ones and those in your online social groups, you have got a good bargain subscribing to any of these social plans that suits you most.
==>1. Airtel Whatsapp Plan: With just a hundred naira (₦100), you have an unlimited access to Whatsapp for 2 weeks. To subscribe to this plan, dial *948#.

==>2. Airtel Facebook Plan: Since you do more on Facebook, you should expect to pay more. So Airtel Facebook Plan costs ₦300 but gives you the same unlimited access to chat, view profiles and pictures on Facebook. Just dial *688*1#. Validity period for this plan is also 30 days or 1 month.

==>3. Airtel Opera mini Plan: For browsing via Opera mini plan, there are 2 options: You subscribe to either 2 weeks plan or 1 month plan. If you want 14 days (2 weeks) access, recharge ₦200, dial *885*2# and there you are. But if you desire 1 month (30 days) plan, dial *885*1#. This one costs ₦300.

Accompanying all these plans are bonuses in various formats. Even the most miserly data user would still have reasons to appreciate this slash in data cost from Airtel. Really, this latest Airtel data plans are more than cheap.   

If you want to know your data balance and your airtime bonus statuses, the code to dial is *223# or *140#.

And that's all we have got for you on Airtel data bundle plans updated with codes working perfectly. You can go through them to pick that which is most suitable and affordable to you. You may also want to take a look at the list of cheapest data plans from all Nigerian networks.

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