Dec 24, 2016

How To Stream torrent and online media files without downloading them

Online storage is most common these days. But what good is storage if you cannot use the stored files? Of course, you have access to the files, but most of them need to be downloaded first in order to use them. Now, however, a service called lets you stream your media files directly, so you don’t need to download them anymore. is a new online storage service that lets you stream your stored content and also share it with friends. Your library can hold a variety of media files, be it documentsvideosimagesaudioor even torrents. fetches what you need from the Internet and streams them for you.
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Seeding torrents: helps to keep torrents alive by seeding downloaded torrents until a specific ratio is achieved (1:1.15).
High speed connection: With fast Gigabit connected servers, can fetch and gather large files from the internet easily.
Downloading Speed: offers good downloading speeds. However, download/streaming requires a good connection speed.
RSS Tracker: It tracks RSS feeds and downloads new content automatically and adds them to your storage account. Good for downloading podcasts, torrents, and a number of music blogs.
Access your files anywhere: With, you can directly access your files within a browser, using your iPhone, iPad or Android device.
Archived files: Archived (zipped) files and are made directly accessible by automatically extracting them.
Format conversion: Convert any video to iPhone (mp4) format and enjoy videos on your mobile device.
Play mp3 files: uses SoundManager 2 to play mp3 files within your folders continuously.
Supported video formats: Everything from DivX to MP4 by finding the most appropriate player for the video.
Concurrent downloads: Maximum of three concurrent downloads are supported only when the server load is high.
File Size Limit: can handle individual files upto 20GB.
Media sharing: You can also share files with your friends. Additionally, you can also manage Shared folders. Everything you put in the shared folder is instantly shared. is available in three different plans. The free plan currently gives you 1GB storage. The Pro plan (which is officially recommended) costs a monthly $9.90 and offers 50GB storage. ThePremium plan provides 100GB storage for a monthly fee of $19.90. Every feature of is available in all the plans.
Try out and stream all your favorite videos from your personal online storage.

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