Dec 6, 2016

How To Withdraw Cash From The ATM Machine Without Your ATM Card

Technology is moving day by day… Now, you can Withdraw Cash from the ATM Machine without  your ATMCard? – Also, You can even send a code to your friend, they go to the ATM, Type the code and you money will come out.  Its 100% Real..

This is very easy, just follow this simple instructions below…

Simple Trick On How  Withdraw Cash From Your ATM Without ATM Card..

>>Firstly  DOWNLOAD The Verve World App Here On Your Phone
>>Just register, generate the Paycode with the app or just dial *322*8*AMOUNT# to see the  Paycode

Can you see that the steps are easy, JUST TWO STEPS

This service is powered by Verve and its called “Verve Paycode

What do you think about this?..

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