Dec 5, 2016

Solution To MMMunited Registration Problem Dec 2016

Are you having problems registering for an account in MMMunited? A solution to that has finally being proffered.

If you are new to MMMunited, and don't have the slightest clue of what it is all about, MMMunited is a community similar to MMM Nigeria but transacts only with bitcoins and pays 100% in 30 days unlike MMM that pays 30% with same duration. Click here for more on MMMunited.
MMMunited logo
With that said, MMMunited for long has been having issues sending activation mail to new members upon registration to enable them set up a password and log in to their accounts. Making it practically impossible for new participants to join and benefit from the program.

Last week, I wrote a post called the hourly method that actually solved that problem for a while before it stopped working. If you have being having that registration problem, you don't need to worry again as MMMunited has now included a space for the password in the registration form/page.

How To Register For MMMunited Account!

You have to forget about the old account that didn't get the Activation email.

All you have to do now is create another account with a new email address.

After filling the form, click on Send Activation Link.

Now go to your email and check if it was actually sent and click on it. However, if you didn't get the mail, don't worry. Just go back to MMMunited website and log in with the details you entered earlier.

Set up your account, add your bitcoin wallet address and provide help with the amount you wish to use.

If you have any question, am all yours.

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