Jan 16, 2017

15 GHW Common Questions and Answers+DIY Tips

I know that despite all I have said about GHW, many may still have their doubts which can lead to misconceptions, and they are entitled to it. However, I have intently observed so many questions folks have been asking about operations of GHW. I here below address just 15 them. The satisfying answers I provide to these questions should have all your worries dispelled after your objective consideration.

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1.    Does GHW Have a Guarantee?

It would tantamount to scamming if anyone is providing any guarantee in this kind of network. Nevertheless, the GHW mission statement is; nobody loses his or her money on their platform, they do not provide any guarantee. They are committed to assigning and securing donations. Yet, you are advised against donating your life savings. It has been clearly stated that you should use the money you don’t need for now.
2.    How Can I Avoid Being Scammed?

Pay only to the account provided for you by the GHW. Do not pay to any other account, even if the participant you are paired with gave it to you. If you are to Get Help, do not click on “Confirm Payment” if you have not yet received an authentic credit alert or any other reliable confirmation of the payment.

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3.    What Is Credibility Score?

Credibility score point is a system of grading adopted in providing a score point on every account. This will be based on their participation within the GHW community. If your Credibility score point is high, it means that you are abiding by the rules while a lower credibility score means that you are violating the rules.
That is why should understand any step you are taking whenever you log in to your profile. Always make sure you don’t do anything that will reduce your credibility score because it is being used in the calculation in priority-related actions like Bonus giveaway, and Pairing and Matching system.

4.    What Is Bitcoin?Bitcoin is a form of speculative decentralized cryptocurrency used in online transactions. It is primarily based on the dollar. This currency is supported in GHW for Providing Help and Receiving Help. Bitcoin is acceptable worldwide.

 5.    Is There Any Bonus From Referrals?

Yes, there is. You will be given as bonus 10% of any amount your referral provides as help on GHW. This sum is accrued whenever your referral has paid the recipient and the payment has been confirmed. The total of all matured referral bonuses will be added to your next eligible request for help.

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6.    Where Can I Find My Referral Bonus?
You can find your referral bonus when you log in to your GHW account. Click on “Menu” and next on “My Referrals”. Among the options, select “Referral Bonus.” There, you will find the amount accruable to you alongside your “maturing donation” which is the percentage growth of your donation. At 100%, donation becomes matured and is due for Request.

7.    What Does “Pending Get Help” Mean?

This is the section of the dashboard where the amount and names of members matched to provide their donation to you are displayed. The section also includes the penalty date for failure to provide the help. On the expiration of penalty date, the system will block the account of the member that failed to provide the help and match you with another member.

8.    How Long Does It Take to Be Matched When I Request for Help?

Within 5 minutes of your placing a Request for Help, the system will match you with a paying member. However, it may not work straight like that in some cases due to various factors that come into play in the timing of the matching. You are therefore urged to wait for at most 48 hours to be matched. If after 48 hours you are not yet matched to Receive Help, please raise a support ticket.

9.     How Do I know When I Have Been Matched to Pay?
This information will automatically appear on your dashboard and immediately you log in you will see it. Apart from that, an automated SMS alert will be sent by the system to your phone number. That is if your phone has been verified. You will also be notified by an email. Also, a new message will appear in your inbox area.

10.    How Much Time Do I Have When Matched To Pay A Member?

It is 48 hours.  But it varies a lot depending on the day and time when the request was made. The expiration time takes into consideration (1) Weekend and (2) Time of the Day when calculating. However, if you know you won’t be able to meet the deadline, quickly contact the member you were paired with and request that he or she kindly grants you an extension of another 24 hours.
This he/she will do by will logging into and going to Receive Help-> Payment Confirmation and click on “Extend time”. If you eventually fail to upload Proof of Payment before expiration date elapses, your account will be suspended.

11.    What If Recipient Refuses to Confirm Receipt of My Donation?

If indeed you paid, be assured that your account will not be blocked if you have uploaded your proof of payment when you paid. Just raise a ticket to support and fill in the detailed required information. Upon conclusion of the investigation, your payment will be confirmed and the help you have given will be credited against your profile.

12.    How Do I Locate Recipient’s Bank or Bitcoin Details?

Simply log into your GHW account and go to “menu”. Click on “Provide Help”. After that click on “Make payment.” From there you will see the recipient’s bank or Bitcoin detail and contact. Call to notify him that you have been matched to pay to him and let him make necessary confirmation. Then make the payment and upload the proof of payment. Call recipient and notify him/her of completion of payment and ask him or her to confirm.

13.    What Happens If Sender Refuses To Make Payment To Me?

There is a penalty date on your dashboard which displays the deadline for payment and uploading. If that time elapses, the participant that is supposed to make the payment will be blocked by the system and another participant will be assigned immediately. Of course, upon his request, you may decide to grant him an extension of a maximum of 24 hours.

14.    How Do I Confirm After Receiving Donation?
You will log into your GHW account and go to “Menu.” Click on “Receive Help,” and then on “Payment Confirmation.” Scroll down the page and click on “View Attachment” to verify proof of payment. Then click on “Confirm Payment” after you have checked to see that everything is correct.

15.    What Will Happen If a Sender Uploaded False Proof of Payment?
If you are unable to redeem the money that the sender claimed to have sent because he/she has made a false payment claim, immediately raise a Ticket to Support. State the sender’s name, phone number and the amount involved. GHW support team will take it from there. After concluding their thorough investigation on the matter, you will be paired with someone else and the unscrupulous member will be fully penalised. Click here to read about this list of these offenses and the penalties they attract.

I think the answers these most commonly asked questions should be convincingly satisfactory enough to make you decide to settle for this well-paying alternative poverty-eradicating network that gives rest of mind.

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