Jan 19, 2017

Checkout Elephone Ele-Box – A Bluetooth Speaker That Lasts Up To 6 Hours

Elephone EleBox is a portable bluetooth speaker that can travel with you wherever you go, comfortable & easily.

EleBox Bluetooth speaker is made of double shot molding. Made out of  silica gel for a skin-like finish, the innovative Bluetooth is light and can surely feel comfortable at hands.
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Talking about it’s design the front face is CD pattern mesh made of stainless steel, glossy and smooth.

With these wonderful designs of the Ele-Box, it only weighs 178g in weight, Not only these the Ele Box is confirmed with 1000mAh battery and can last up to 6 Hours upon heavy usage.
It is portable and can be carried anywhere your heart leads you to. Switch on the EleBox and enjoy a piece of wonderful music while you are Sunbathing in the Mediterranean beach, both you and the Ele-Box will become the focuses on the beach.

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