Jan 11, 2017

New to GHW? This Is How It Works

I was surprised to learn that there are some people out there are still asking, ‘what is GHW’? In the same vein, I salute those of you that have taken the wise step of joining the life-changing community and savor the juicy things in GHW. You need to understand first, the workings of the Get Help Worldwide community before you can enjoy it.
In actuality, how does Get Help Worldwide work?
Since you have successfully signed in, its workability begins with you. You start by indicating your desire to give help. This you can do by clicking on the “Provide Help” tab on your dashboard. From the form that will appear, fill in the amount you wish to give as help. This is given out in your local currency or in Bitcoin. The moment you made your promise, your account has been credited with One Time Registration Bonus. This bonus will depend on the amount of help you provided.

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Let me share this with you in confidence, you fare better if you deal with Get Help Worldwide in Bitcoin rather than in your local currency, though that is never a requirement. However consider this: The moment you enter online your intention to give help, the help you provided will start to grow at the rate of 30% in 30 days if it is in the local currency, but at the rate of 50% in 30 days if it is in Bitcoin. So which one pays more? You learn more as you continue to enjoy GHW community. All the while, your money is still with you for your use till you are paired with the person you are going to provide help for. That ultimately creates some bonding between the giver and the receiver of help and increases the joy of giving.
In GHW practice, you will be able to see the picture of the person you are going to provide help for and know his or her country. You don’t need to do any calculation; your yield amount and date will be displayed on your dashboard. This let you know how much you can request at the end of the 30 days and the maturity date. This means that if you express your desire to give help to the tune of $200 in Bitcoin, your Give Help begins to grow and at the end of 30 days, you will $300 in Bitcoin. This is based on 50% 30 days yield. If you indicate that you are giving ₦2000, you will be eligible to get a help of ₦2,600 in the same time period, based on the rate of 30% growth of the help.
One advantage of GHW is that the requirement to upload pictures of community members is a safeguard against those who would like to exploit the system of helping. It has shut out multiple registrations. Any participant who thinks he can circumvent the rules by upload fake pictures will have their account blocked because he will be found out sooner or later.
More interesting is the fact that there is a compelling reason for individual participants to desire to upload their photographs. It affects the growth of the help they provided. If you don’t upload your picture and you provided help in Bitcoin, you will earn only 30% of your Provide Help in 30 days, and only 20% of your Provided Help if you did so in Local Currency. Whereas if you upload your picture, you will earn your 30% of the help you provided in local currency and 50% in Bitcoin, whichever way you choose, in 30 days.

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When you promise to provide help, the system will notify you of the participant you will pay directly to how much you are to give him. When you see that in your Dashboard, you have to donate to the recipient within 48 hours or 72 hours to make good your promise. The penalty for defaulting on that is the debiting of your credibility scores.
You also need to be aware that when you receive help once, you are to make another pledge to Provide Help within three days. You also pay with your credibility scores if you fail in this regard. Understanding the reason for this gives confidence to the members of the community in one sense. The community thrives on the regular activities of giving and receiving of help. Once the chain is broken somewhere, it is inimical to the continuous existence of the GHW community.
At GWH, you are bound to increase, or at least, sustain the amount of help you earlier gave. This means if you have earlier given help to the tune of $200, your next Pledge to Provide Help cannot be below $200. It has to be the same amount or higher. The reason for that is to sustain the growth of the community instead of setting the back the community in terms of help being provided.
GHW is about the best community where those who desire to tread with caution with their money should operate. Your money is safer there than in other global money-making scheme, crown funding, donation exchange or social financial platform. You transfer money directly among members unconditionally without breaking any laws or exploiting anyone. You keep the process from getting stuck somewhere. And you get a bonus for doing that. Watch out for these bonuses in next discussion about Get Help Worldwide.

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